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Vitamin D deficiency could increase your risk of dementia

Vitamin D

A recent study revealed that vitamin D levels do contribute to the risk of dementia. A team of researchers found that adults who were severely lacking in vitamin D are more than twice develop Alzheimer’s disease or other similar forms of mental illness as compared to adult with optimal levels of vitamin D.

The study published in the journal of Neurology involved looking at 1,658 adults aged 65 years or older. The participants selected were healthy, with no mobility problems or cardiovascular disease.  The researchers followed their health of the closely for six years monitoring them for any signs of developing dementiaand any association with the participant’s vitamin D levels.

The researchers discovered there was a positive correlation between low vitamin D levels and elevated risk of dementia. Those reported to have a moderate deficiency posed a 53% risk of developing general dementia, but 69% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than participants with normal levels of vitamin D.

Adults with severely deficient levels of vitamin D (25-50 nmol/L) posed a greater risk of dementia. The figures recorded showed 122% higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease and 122% higher and for general dementia. Although they expect to observe some correlation between low vitamin D levels and dementia. They did not imagine the result to be so dramatic in its conclusion.

Posted by Country Kitchen on 12 April 2018 09:53

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